TheVal Magyar project was started by Robbie Nagy as a vehicle for the music that comes most naturally to him--music about romance and passion, heartbreak and harmony. The name 'Val Magyar' is a reflection of and tribute to Robbie's Hungarian ancestry, even though he was born and raised in the U.S.A. Robbie writes the music of Val Magyar, but he has had the good fortune of finding great musicians to record and perform with. Val Magyar is romantic and evocative, exploring life and love in its many different textures and emotions. Val Magyar has released two critically acclaimed albums and their live performances have won the hearts of audiences from 8 to 80.

Robbie Nagy ROBY NAGY began playing piano at age 5. He has been involved with classical and pop music, blues, and rock and roll. He has performed solo (and still does), and with various bands, some of his own making.  He has music in several films, music libraries, and in venues involving meditation and biofeedback. Val Magyar is the venue closest to his heart. Robbie writes and arranges the music for Val Magyar and plays piano, electronic pianos, and synthesizers.
Ryk Oakley RYK OAKLEY plays bass, synthesizer, and drum and percussion programming. He also recorded and produced the Val Magyar albums. Ryk has been involved in the New York music business since his teenage years, and has produced and recorded over 12 LPs.
Ernie Petito ERNIE PETITO plays drums and percussion. Having established himself as one of New York’s premier drummers, Ernie brings a keen sense of creative mischief, energy and skill to Val Magyar.
R.K. Watkins R. K. WATKINS plays a variety of stringed instruments, and has performed with many local and national acts. His ability to combine effects with the instruments' natural sounds creates a greater sonic palette from which to draw. In addition to his musical duties, he designed and produced the graphics for Val Magyar's albums.
DON PETERSON is Val Magyar's 'Good Luck Charm', and unofficial personal manager and promoter. He is such a character that several writers and filmmakers have made him one, and he appears in Charles Pellegrino's latest novel 'Dust'. His spiritual bond with Robbie Nagy and Nagy's music is a powerful thing and the well for countless creative ideas.

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