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Sunset Lullabye

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Acts of Love

"An uplifting escape from formula, ACTS OF LOVE transcends genre. A celebration of love, romance ACTS OF LOVE is an adult alternative that won’t disappoint." 
-- Jim Kenney, screenwriter

"ACTS OF LOVE is a breathy, sweet album, romantic and mellow. If you are in love or just thinking about it, this warm album can help fan those embers into a flame."
--The New Times, Seattle, WA

"ACTS OF LOVE "embraces a sense of trust that makes you feel you’d face love all over again, and with this CD, you can!"
---Napra Trade Journal

"As Shakespeare once said--'if music be the food of   love, play on...' which is just what Val Magyar does..."
--Facts on Wax

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Compact Disc - MTA 61418-2
Cassette - MTA 61418-4

Asharoken Music (BMI)
(p) Miralta Records


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